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2018 What's New


August 20, 2018

The August Issues #89 of PARCS UPDATE unveils our 2018 CONVENTION agenda [Oct. 19 / 20] and includes the registration form.  Please note that:

• Fees and location are unchanged from past year.

• This year the KEYNOTE PANEL will speak on Saturday afternoon, regarding the intriguing question "Who Owns the Lake?

• Now's the time to send in your registration form and reserve your hotel room,   We look forward to seeing you there.



August 16, 2018

PARCS UPDATE #90 is a special edition of our newsletter, released August 16, 2018, which summarizes the breaking story about the bizarre and devastating news facing the cottage owners in the the RM of McKillop.  The editorial calls on the province to put make provisions for enforcing the laws about ratepayer petitions to their council.

A Busy Summer preparing for a Zebra Mussel Infestation

July 6, 2018

The South West Informational Meeting on Zebra Mussels was held in Elbow on Lake Diefenbaker on Saturday April 21st.  A dedicated group of 62 participants from 20 communities on and around Lake Diefenbaker gathered to learn about mussels and to conclude with the formation of a committee which has since been implementing a made-at-home initiative to prevent an infestation in their lake.

The South East Informational Meeting was held in Fort Qu'Appelle on Saturday June 16th.  Attendees from the communities on the Qu'Appelle Lakes and neighbouring communities followed the presentation with a discussion about on their vulnerability to infestation from boats arriving on the Trans-Canada from points east in Canada and from the south-east in North Dakota.

The North West Informational Meeting was held in the RV of Aquadeo on Jackfish Lake on Saturday June 23rd.  Attendees came from from the OH of Indian Point Golden Sands, the OH of Turtle Lake Lodge and the Hamlet of Sunset View Beachon Turtle Lake, the OH of Mowry Beach on Brightsand Lake, the Resort Villages of Aquadeo and Cochin, the OH of Lakeview on Jackfish Lake, the Turtle Lake Watershed Association, and from the RV of Greig Lake.  Participants analyzed their vulnerability to infestation carried on boats from the south on highway #4 and from the east on highway #3.

The North East Informational Meeting was held  Sunday, August 12 in Candle Lake.  All attendees were from Candle Lake.  Many of the attendees expressed amazement that this meeting was their first alert to the possible devastation that could happen to their lake should there be an invasion of zebra mussels.