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2017 Board of Directors

Marilyn Labatte, S.E. Director
OH of Collingwood Estates
Cell: 306-541-9473
Tel: 306-725-2049
Garry Dixon, President
OH of North Colesdale
Cell: 306-537-5805
Tel: same as above
Doug Allan, 1st Vice President
RV of Candle Lake
Tel: 306-929-3055
Cell: 306-961-2207
Vacant in 2020, Past President
Tel: 306-386-3066
Linda Anweiler, 2nd Vice President
RV of Melville Beach
Cell: 306-717-0837
Tel: 306-931-1114
Sandy McVittie, N.W. Director
Hamlet of Sutton's Beach
Cell: 306-221-7127
Tel: 306-382-7211
Edie Thompson, S.W. Director
RV of Coteau Beach
Cell: 306-292-9613
Tel: 306-292-9613
Borden Wasyluk, N.E. Director
RV of Candle Lake
Cell: 306-961-7848
Tel: 306-981-7848