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2022 What's New

A Return to a Face-to-Face Convention

June 4, 2022

PARCS held their first convention in 1987 and continued to host a convention every year until 2020 when Covid 19 forced us to cancel our convention and hold our Annual Meeting virtually.  In 2021, we opened the year with a Spring Festival (virtual presentations for 5 consecutive Wednesday evenings, all aimed at examining the current challenges to the quality of the water in our lakes).  In the fall, we were once again forced to cancel our face-to-face convention and host a virtual Annual Meeting.

PARCS is so pleased to announce that we are going ahead with a face-to-face convention in 2022.  Our most recent newsletter (PARCS UPDATE #183) has all the details about the October convention.

We always hope that the administrator of RVs and RMs (or the chair of the OH) forwards our Constant Contact newsletters to all of their residents. 

If you don't receive our newsletters, you can get them from this PARCS WEBSITE.  Just click on NEWSLETTERS at the top of the front page.  You will see a list of the newsletters that have gone out in 2022.  Just click on the red title of the newsletter.