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2019 What's New


After much deliberation about the likely ongoing implications of COVID-19, the PARCS Board of Directors has decided to cancel our 2020 fall convention and to reschedule our next convention for Fri. & Sat., Oct. 15/16 in 2021 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Saskatoon.

In lieu of convention this year, the Board is pleased to offer a series of free on-line learning opportunities for our members. Watch upcoming newsletters for more information.

Also watch for more details about the PARCS 2020 Annual General Meeting which will be scheduled in the fall as a Zoom meeting for all members.   

July 27, 2019

What became of the 2019 Leaders’ Survey?

In the January 27/2019, newsletter, PARCS UPDATE #97, we announced that PARCS would be issuing a Leaders’ Survey to our cottage communities.

In February the link to the survey was emailed to each cottage community in our email data bank. We did NOT seek the shared opinion of a board or council. We asked for the INDIVIDUAL opinion of LEADERS, including administrators.

We were pleased to receive a total of 77 replies from administrators, mayors, reeves, and councillors of resort villages and rural municipalities, plus board members of organized hamlets.  The results of the survey were shared in PARCS UPDATE #98 that went out on March 15/2019.  To review those results, go to the newsletter section of this website.    

The survey results were used for two purposes:

  1. To update our Strategic Plan.  Our updated Strategic Plan can be found on the bottom of the front page of this web site, under Resource Documents.  
  2. To guide us in planning for our 2019 Convention.  Watch for the PARCS UPDATE #103, to be released in early August.  It will provide all the details about the convention planned for October 18/19th in Saskatoon at the Hilton Garden Inn.  We are especially excited about the FREE PRE-CONVENTION WORKSHOPS.  Stay tuned for more details.