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2017 What's New


September 15, 2017

Five weeks from today we will be gathered at the Hilton Garden Inn listening to keynote workshop leader Lynn Gidluck explain about the necessary part of a communication plan before turning to the other members in our group to examine the communication issue that Lynne has assigned for us to work on.  Talk about hands-on learning!

For those of you who have not yet registered, next Monday is the last day to reserve a room at tne Convention Hotel at the special convention rates.  I suggest that you phone the hotel and reserve your room (244-2311) - you can always cancel if you change your mind about attending!

The banquet will feature an old-fashioned fall supper meal, with music, pie, and swapping of interesting tales (informal dress).  Hope to see you there.


July 10, 2017

The April 13th first meeting of the Provincial Task Force on Aquatic Invasive Mussels looked promising.  1 ) A new user-friendly web-based reporting system sounded like it would give cottage communities an easy way to be proactive in reporting their own monitoring for the presence of mussels.  The system was promised to be unveiled by the end of the month, but three months later we have yet to hear more.  2) A members' willingness to share resource materials and to do fund raising was expressed by most attendees.  These offers have gone unanswered, awaiting provincial leadership to make them happen.   3) A promise of more meetings was expressed by the Ministry of Environment organizer.  Task Force members have yet to receive notes from the first meeting or a date for the next meeting.  If we hear anything more about the Task Force, PARCS members will be updated immediately.


April 6, 2017

The message that former PARCS president Shirley Gange sent via postcard to our Premier stated that “even in times of fiscal restraint, our natural resources, such as our lakes, must be protected.  They are the only lasting legacy for future generations.”  

At their meeting of April 1, 2017, the PARCS Board of Directors passed a motion “that PARCS reiterate its commitment to the implementations of a border inspection program as being the method with the best probability of succeeding in keeping aquatic invasive mussels out of our province”.

On April 13, PARCS will be represented at the first meeting of the provincial Task Force on Aquatic Invasive Mussels.  The PARCS Board of Directors forwarded six question for which they requested answers at that meetings.  Stand by for the answers from the Ministry of Environment.

New Board of Directors plans for 2017

January 9, 2017

The 2017 PARCS Board of Directors worked through a busy agenda at their first meeting where they:

  • Reviewed the financial report for the year end of 2016,
  • Made a plan for archiving PARCS historical materials,
  • Decided that PARCS 2017 membership fees would not increase,
  • Made a detailed plan for their 2017 membership drive,
  • Planned for providing input to the Sask Auditor about risk-based management of invasive mussels,
  • Planned to investigate the possibility of a pilot project for border inspections of invasive mussels,
  • Gave first reading to a policy on board and coordinator operations,
  • Heard a report on possible locations for the 2017 convention,
  • Authorized the investigation of the possibility of off-duty police doing drive-through bylaw enforcement in resort communities, and
  • Made plan for a legal review of current PARCS BYLAWS.