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2018 What's New

Third Meeting of Task Force on Invasive Mussels

February 12, 2018

The 3rd Meeting of the Provincial Task Force on Aquatic Invasive Mussels (January 25/18) brought forward both encouraging and discouraging news.  We were excited by the promise of a full-time AIM Coordinator for the province in 2018 and the commitment to two inspection stations.   The most discouraging aspects of  the meeting were the refusal of the Ministry officials to circulate a PARCS proposal for fund-raising for inspection stations to other members of the Task Force.  See PARCS UPDATE #83 (in the newsletter section of this web site) for more detail.

When your Board of Directors meets again on February 26th, they will discuss the Ministry's rejection along with plans for further involving PARCS communities. 

First Meeting of the Board of Directors for 2018

January 7, 2018

Check out our list of 2018 Directors on the Board of Directors tab.  

These directors will have their first meeting of 2018 on Saturday, Jan. 13, in Davidson at 10:00 am, at the meeting room in the Shell Restaurant.  Stand by for more information about their plans.

Hope your received our first newsletter of the 2018 year (sent January 5th).  If you missed it, it's in the Newsletter tab.  Along with the newsletter we sent a RESOURCE GUIDE FOR RESEARCH that contains an INDEX of journal articles since 2009 along with a CATALOGUE OF CONVENTION PRESENTATIONS since 2013.

Happy New Year!