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The PROVINCIAL ASSOCIATION of RESORT COMMUNITIES of SASKATCHEWAN (PARCS) began as a working group who recognized the need for a collective voice for issues relating specifically to Saskatchewan cottage communities.  In 1986 we gained our official status and our current name.  PARCS has hosted an annual general meeting every year since 1987 (two of them virtual) and recently hosted their 2022 convention virtually.   


  • Feb. 13, President Garry Dixon & Coordinator Lynne Saas met with representatives from the Ministry of Government Relations.  PARCS identified 9 areas requiring clarification about organized hamlets,.
  • March 15, 1st Vice-Pres., Doug Allan, attended a virtual meeting of a SAMA Committee.
  • On April 12, PARCS Directors Sandy McVittie and Linda Anweiler will represent PARCS at an engagement session with WSA regarding their Agricultural Water Stewardship Policy.

This spring:

  • We updated the phone listings in our 6-page PARCS DIRECTORY.
  • We introduced a PARCS FACEBOOK PAGE with editor Alice Davis and sponsorship from DUCs Unlimited.  Please check out the new PARCS Facebook page.   
  • We have closely followed the Water Security Agency’s new CLIENT SERVICE MODEL, being introduced in response to the very strong criticism from the provincial auditor (regarding WSA’s failures to respond to questions and issues affecting water quality in our lakes).  We are planning a virtual presentation on this topic, soon.
  • Recently, a new initiative was brought to Parcs via Director, Sandy McVittie who continues to represent PARCS on the Provincial Advisory Committee regarding Aquatic Invasive Species.  Parcs Coordinator, Lynne Saas, replied to the invitation from Jeri Geiger (Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator for Saskatchewan) who asked PARCS to facilitate the distribution of substrate samples to cottage communities willing to monitor for the presence of adult zebra mussels. An initial plan has been struck for the first steps.  (A newsletter will follow with more details about this new plan.)

Latest Newsletter

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